Wolf Creek Collective Agreement

(c) The parties may, in a particular case, agree on an alternative arbitrator and supplement or remove from the list of arbitrators by mutual agreement. (a) assistance in the resolution of disputes arising from the local bargaining process where the parties to the collective agreement disagree as to whether a particular issue is a local matter; (b) clarify the understanding of the Association and TEBA with respect to the key provisions of the table; and (c) Advice on the drafting and revision of collective agreements. (a) a new collective agreement is entered into or (b) in the course of local bargaining, a strike or lockout begins in accordance with Part 2, Division 13 of the Industrial Relations Act. 15.2 “Central Element” means any point written in italics in this Collective Agreement. 11.2.2 Subject to the terms of benefit insurance contracts, teachers on maternity, adoption or parental leave may make arrangements through the school department to pay 100% of the performance premiums for the applicable benefits provided for in the existing collective agreement for a period of up to 12 months in advance. (a) An affected school court must remedy any non-compliance with the collective agreement. (b) An affected school court shall pay damages to the association, teacher or teacher concerned, or both. (c) TEBA and the Association shall take measures deemed fair and appropriate by the Conciliation Body. 1.1 “Settlement Agreement” means the following provincial collective agreements for the period as April 1, 2017: 1.2 For the purposes of this collective agreement and notwithstanding the provisions of the Schools Act, Teachers` Day shall be counted as a day off from tuition fees. 1.6 “Lump Sum Payment” means a one-time payment that is compatible with other one-time payments, sometimes referred to as signing bonuses.

The “lump sum payment” expressly does not include the continuation or extension of lump sum payments currently provided for in existing settlement agreements between the education jurisdictions and the unions listed in clause 1.1 of this Agreement. 2.3.2 A notification under subsection 2.3.1 is deemed to be a notification of the commencement of collective bargaining in accordance with subsection 59(1) of the Industrial Relations Act. 2.2.2 If no agreement is reached, the matter will be decided by arbitration by agreement according to PECBA. 1.1 This collective agreement applies to any person who applies for a teacher`s certificate as a condition of employment with the school service, with the exception of positions that have been excluded in local negotiations between the school department and the association. .

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