Visa Free Agreement Mea

In January 2019, the Indian government updated the rules on e-visas for all eligible countries. The validity of Indian e-tourists and e-Business Visa has been increased from 60 days with double entry to 1 year with several entries. The validity number starts from the date the electronic visa was issued online and not from the physical entry date, as is currently the case. [74] Visas such as passports and consular services are a service service and a fee is levied for the issuance of the visa in accordance with the scale established by the Indian government. Visa fees, once charged, will not be refunded. Details of visa fees in effect since July 1, 2008 are attached. (Annex II). However, it is also advisable to consult the website of the Indian mission/post concerned in order to obtain the applicable visa fee. Tourist visa: tourist visa issued for foreigners, who have no home or job in India and whose sole purpose is to visit India: leisure, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives, etc. Registration: Foreigners with a student visa, a work visa, a research visa, a mission visa valid for more than 180 days are required to register with the relevant foreign control office within 14 days of their arrival in India. Foreigners holding another type of visa valid for more than 180 days will not need to register if their stay in India is less than 180 days at each visit. However, they must register within 180 days of arrival if their uninterrupted stay exceeds 180 days.

For more information, please visit the MHA or Bureau of Immigration ( website. Citizens of the following countries can apply for a visa upon arrival (VOA) in Delhi (NCT), Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bengaluru or Hyderabad. The visa is issued for business, tourism, medicine and conference categories and is valid for 60 days. [2] [3] The cost is 2,000 euros. This institution is not available to citizens if they or one of their parents or grandparents (paternal or maternal) were born in Pakistan or have permanent residence in Pakistan. The citizen should not be of Pakistani origin or have relatives, grandparents or great-grandparents from Pakistan. The VOA installation cannot be used more than twice in a calendar year. [4] Alternatively, foreign citizens eligible for a VOA may apply for an electronic visa if they intend to enter the country via an airport or seaport that is not covered by the VOA system. Medical – Medical Waiting Visa: After being satisfied, Indian missions/posts abroad may issue a medical visa (MED) for one year or the duration of treatment, depending on the case, less so, to foreigners visiting India for medical treatment in reputable/recognized specialized hospitals/treatment centres in India.

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