Us Philippines Mutual Logistics Support Agreement

This means that as long as U.S. troops are in the country, logistical support will be provided. To make matters worse, U.S. troops can be deployed anywhere in the country, in accordance with the agreement reached with the Philippine government. Even the relevant members of the House of Representatives are asking for a copy of the MLSA. As early as October, the Bayan Muna party list group tabled a resolution asking Malacaang to reveal the content of the MLSA and submit the draft treaty to the Senate for ratification. During President Arroyos` US state visit in November 2001, the media already reported on the deal, which activist groups claim is just a revised name for the rejected Cross-Service Acquisition and Services Agreement (ACSA). As early as the end of last year, AFP claimed that the MLSA only covered the ongoing refueling of US aircraft and the recovery of US troops before surrendering to other targets. “He adds that in addition to defining the policy for the transit of U.S. aircraft and ships in the Philippines, the agreement would represent additional equipment for the military. According to Ople, it took more than a year to negotiate the MLSA because the Philippines wanted to include in the agreement a language that would categorically disperse any ideas that the MLSA should bring back the basics. In other words, there is nothing scary or mysterious for the powerful not to inform the public in advance, who already knows at this point that the agreement has been signed. This language contains the last paragraph of Article IV of the MLSA, which states that no U.S.

military base, facility, or permanent structure may be constructed, constructed, or authorized under this Agreement. The powerful should be asked here whether they keep boring the 1993 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which consists of 30 agreements and 12 resolutions. At the time, it was then called an agreement, but the full draft, which was leaked to the media in early January 2002, used the term arrangement. This last point seems less binding than the agreement and the treaty and implies that the document is low-level and does not require the approval of the Senate. In a statement to the press, Dame Solon explained that President Arroyo`s railroad gives people more reason to doubt the intent and content of the MLSA. She asked: Is this too controversial for public control and consumption? Or perhaps it goes too fast against the interests of our people and the sovereignty of the nation? Based on Ople`s statement at the Senate briefing, the MLSA has (only) a duration of five years, and there is a specific language in the MLSA that states that logistical support and related activities must take place in a timely manner and only for the duration of an authorized activity. . . .

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