Training Bond Agreement Australia

If a worker is covered by an employment contract before being offered a training agreement, the Commission will consider the employment contract separately from the training agreement. [5] The working relationship can be maintained even when the training agreement is complete. [6] Finally, a pilot should be exempt from liability for the training loan if the employer goes bankrupt or becomes insolvent, if the pilot is dismissed or suspended for a reason other than the simple reason or decision to resign from the worker; or if the employer violates the terms of the employment contract during the duration of the training loan. The short answer is yes: a properly formulated training loan is applicable. If you look at training obligation agreements, there are some things you need to consider. Each contract requires an offer, acceptance of this offer and so-called “reflection.” Reflection is basically the exchange of something of value by the parties to the agreement. If the contract is signed after the end of the training, it cannot be applicable because nothing was lost at the time of signing the contract. We make 2 bonding agreements available to members free of charge in the Employers Toolbox Library section. These can also be purchased separately on our website for non-members. There appears to be a consensus that the value of the training loan should decline pro-rata over the period in which the pilot has committed. For example, if the loan matures for $10,000 and the pilot commits to two years of service, the value owed under the loan would decrease by $416.67 per month when the pilot processes his obligations on the loan. Although I am not in favour of oral agreements, be aware that these are still legally binding treaties.

If you are offered a pilot position by telephone, as long as you stay for 24 months because of the training fee and accept the offer on those terms and then complete the training, there will be a binding agreement. If you leave your job before the 24-month period expires, you are in breach of an enforceable contract. A court could make you liable for some or all of the training costs, even if you have not signed a written contract. So be sure to write down each agreement in writing and seek advice from experienced legal advisors to avoid a situation in which they may wonder if these are your rights and obligations under the agreement. It is important that as an employer you are aware of your employee`s qualification and that your agreement is an obvious benefit to both parties. Violations of the Wage Protection Act 1983 are a real possibility in training contracts, so if you issue a contract of engagement, it must be fair and reasonable.

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