The Trips Agreement Has As Its Preamble

Also recognising the special needs of the least developed countries in terms of maximum flexibility in the implementation of laws and regulations at the national level, in order to enable them to create a strong and viable technological base; Underscoring the importance of easing tensions by making stronger commitments to resolve intellectual property disputes over trade through multilateral procedures, to reduce distortions and barriers to international trade and to take into account the need to promote effective and adequate protection of intellectual property rights and to ensure that measures and procedures to enforce rights intellectual property does not themselves become barriers to legitimate trade; Considering that intellectual property rights are private rights; (b) the provision of appropriate standards and principles regarding the availability, scope and use of trade-related intellectual property rights; (d) The implementation of effective and timely procedures for the prevention and multilateral settlement of disputes between governments; and wishing to establish a relationship of mutual support between the WTO and the World Intellectual Property Organization (called WIPO in this agreement) and other relevant international organizations; Recognising the fundamental public policy objectives of national IP protection systems, including development and technology objectives; (c) the establishment of effective and appropriate means to enforce trade-related intellectual property rights, taking into account differences between national legal systems;

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