Swissport Standard Ground Handling Agreement

25 Main agreement 23 The customs clearance company shall take all appropriate measures to assist passengers, crew members and family members and to protect and protect the baggage, cargo and mail carried on the aircraft, in cooperation with the competent local authorities. All documents and information relating to the emergency are the property of the carrier and are treated confidentially by the registration company, unless such documents and information are expressly prescribed by the legislation in force or by the provisions of the rules relating to intellectual or local authorities. The carrier shall reimburse the terminal for the costs and disbursements incurred in providing such assistance. 1.7 To the extent possible, the Terminal will provide the Carrier, upon request, with additional services not set out in this Agreement. These services may be subject to special conditions to be agreed between the parties. SGHA Other sites In the event of occasional flights of the air carrier`s aircraft to places not provided for in this Agreement where the terminal has a groundhandling organisation, the terminal shall make every effort upon request, subject to the means available on site, to provide the necessary services. Article 2 Fair Practices 2.1 The terminal shall do everything in its power to protect the carrier`s confidential information and provide it only for the carrier`s purposes. 8 6 Swissport profiles throughout the duration of the contract and has linked this process to cargo measurements 2000 (C2K) on our network. Our size and scale allows customers to manage multiple operations through a single point of contact, a common service level agreement (SLA) and, if necessary, an invoice, saving administrative costs. Introduction / Advice and tools The SGHA is a dynamic document that reflects the evolution of groundhandling activities over time. Now it`s time to migrate to the 2013 version of SGHA. Industry experts attending regular meetings of the Aviation Ground Services Agreements Working Group (AGSA WG) publish new versions of the SGHA every 5 years, after extensive verifications.

AGSA WG membership is open to all IATA members and IATA Ground Handling Council members, so please contact us for more information at: IATA offers regular year-round training workshops on SGHA and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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