Ime Affiliation Agreement

DMHAS Chief of Contracts Memorands Office on Reducing the Ambulatory Limit for GJ17:Lowering the Cap for GJ17 Due to Increased Medicaid Ambulatory RatesPowerPoint from Community Support Services (CSS) Rates:CSS PowerPoint 24 Rates. May 2016 February/March 2016This powerpoint describes NJ DMHAS` pricing process, assumptions, and rates for Substance Use Disorder Services and Mental Health Service. The pricing presentation took place during a series of meetings in February and March:Rate Setting Transition Overview (29. June 2016) Q&A on new tariffs: tariff questions and answersThe introduction of tariffs to small groups of suppliers:Rate Setting Transition Overview of IME Phase I: IME Overview Individual descriptions of IME functions and how they relate to the supplier company: IME Fact Sheets For current ffs providers classified by FFS initiative by rounding, click on the triangle to the left of the link: Ffs > Documents Contract > FFS Approved Provider Listen Mental Health Fee for Service Newsletter Volume 1, Edition 1 – August 12, 2016Mental Health Fee for Service Newsletter Volume 1, Edition 2 – Nov. 23, 2016 Only The Awards Slides A link to a YouTube video by Assistant Commissioner Valerie Mielke Presentation of New Rates for Behavioural Health Services:Mental Health Fees for Service Presentation Video PresentationSubstance Abuse Fairy for Video ServicePresentation June 2017 Service Tax Presentation at GPPH Board Meeting – June 15, 2017 IME Addictions Access Center: 1-844-276-2777In January 2015, the Governor announced that the Division has developed an Interim Administrative Body (IME) for addiction services as a first step in the comprehensive reform of adult behavioral health services in NJ. University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC) will be the IME with an implementation date of 7/1/15. The IME will serve as a one-stop shop for those seeking treatment for substance use disorders. The IME will ensure that people receive the right level of care for the right duration and intensity. This will allow the Crown to manage its resources through paying agencies and the entire procurement continuum. For more information, see the following links. To send feedback to Mental Health and Addictions on proposed changes in behavioural health services, email This letter contains updates on ffs activities and contains information on changes in the rates of PACT and SUD Intensive Ambulance, methadone treatment in an opioid treatment program and buprenorphine treatment in an opioid treatment program:Assistant Commissioner Mielke FFS Update, April 18, 2016 IME Phase II/Utilization ManagementIme Phase II included the start of full management of use. .

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