Headquarters Agreement Between The United Nations And The United States

(2) Resident agents who may be the subject of an agreement between the Secretary-General, the United States Government and the government of the member concerned, when the United Nations proposes to organize a separate postal service, the conditions for the establishment of this service are subject to a complementary agreement. Views that were introduced on the heart of Cambridge between . This data is updated every 24 hours. On 26 June 1947, the Secretary-General signed an agreement between the United Nations and the United States of America on the United Nations Headquarters, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Resolution 99 of 14 December 1946, with the Secretary-General of the State of the United States of America. And this agreement ceases to apply when the headquarters of the United Nations is removed from the territory of the United States, with the exception of the provisions that apply to the orderly cessation of the activities of the United Nations at its headquarters in the United States and the exercise of its property. COMMUNE RESOLUTION Authorizes the President to implement an agreement between the United States and the United Nations for the establishment of the permanent headquarters of the United Nations in the United States and to authorize the taking of necessary measures to facilitate compliance with the provisions of this agreement and for other purposes b) Unless otherwise stated in this agreement or the general convention, U.S. federal, national and local law applies to the U.S. THE SEC. In order to meet U.S. obligations under this agreement and complementary U.S. insurance agreements, That the United Nations should not be expropriated from its assets in the headquarters, with regard to the installation of wireless equipment and the possibility of building an airport, with a view to concluding an agreement to implement the resolution establishing the United Nations headquarters in New York City, adopted by the General Assembly on 14 December 1946, and to resolve the resulting issues; b) When the headquarters of the United Nations is removed from headquarters, all rights, titles and interests of the United Nations on and on real estate located in or in a portion of the headquarters are assigned to the United States at the request of the United Nations or the United States.

In the absence of such a request, it is assigned and forwarded to the subdivision of a state in which it is located or, if such a subdivision does not wish to do so, to the state in which it is located. If this is not the case, it may be disposed of in accordance with point (a) of this section. 4. The United Nations pays the United States, interest-free, the principal of all amounts advanced in this contract in annual payments from July 1, 1951 and on the dates and amounts indicated, until the full amount advanced under this agreement is reimbursed: SEC. 5. With regard to the temporary headquarters of the United Nations in New York State, the President is authorized to adopt, on an interim basis, the provisions of the agreement which he deems appropriate, taking into account the needs of the United Nations at his temporary headquarters.

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