Agreement On Anti Dumping Ppt

36 Price Commitments I Proceedings may be suspended or closed without the establishment of interim measures or anti-dumping duties if satisfactory voluntary commitments are made by each exporter to change its prices or stop exports to the region at dumped prices, authorities are satisfied that the adverse effect of dumping is eliminated (Article 8.1) Price commitments are not solicited or accepted by exporters , unless the authorities of the importing member have subsequently provisionally established the dumping and harm caused by this dumping (Article 8.2) 39 Imposition and collection of anti-dumping duties for a product, this anti-dumping duty is levied in the corresponding amounts, on a non-discriminatory basis, on the basis of imports of these products from all sources considered to have been dumped and harmed. , with the exception of imports from sources that have accepted price commitments under this agreement. (Art. 9.2.) 18 Injury Determination IVThe review of the impact of dumped imports on the domestic industry concerned includes an assessment of all relevant economic factors and indices affecting the industry`s situation, including the actual and potential decline in sales, profits, production, market share, productivity, investment performance or capacity utilization; Factors that affect domestic prices The level of dumping margin real and potential negative effects on cash flows, inventories, employment, wages, growth, ability to raise capital or investment. This list is not exhaustive and one or more of these factors may necessarily give decisive indications (art. 3.4.) 38 The institution and collection of anti-dumping duties IThe decision whether or not to institute an anti-dumping duty in cases where all tax conditions are met, and the decision whether or not to impose the anti-dumping duty is the full margin of dumping or less. which must be taken by the authorities of the importing member. Considering that it is desirable that taxation be allowed on the territory of all members and that the tariff be less than sufficient room for manoeuvre to eliminate the harm suffered by domestic industry (Article 9.1.) 4 Principles An anti-dumping measure will only be applied in the circumstances provided for in Article VI of the GATT 1994 and following investigations opened and carried out in accordance with the provisions of this agreement; The application of art. VI of the 1994 GATT governs the application of art.

VI. of the 1994 GATT, to the extent that measures are taken under anti-dumping legislation (s. 1) 46 Duration and review of anti-dumping duties and price commitments: an anti-dumping duty will remain in force only as long as it is necessary to counter harmful dumping (Article 1). , at the request of an interested party who provides positive information justifying the need for a review, if justified by its own origin, or if a reasonable period has elapsed since the final anti-dumping law was established. Interested parties have the right to ask the authorities to consider whether the continued institution of the law is necessary to compensate for dumping, whether the harm is likely to persist or recur if the law is abolished or amended, or both (Article 37. if the exporter wishes or if the authorities decide to do so. In this case, the company automatically shuts down when there is a negative finding of dumping or harm, unless this finding is largely due to the existence of a price enterprise (art.

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